Axe Collection

Simple, Elegant, Timeless: The traditional axe handle inspired Poul Henningsen to create two tables that utilise it’s strong, organic shape as the basis for the legs. The result is two pieces of furniture that are practical, tactile pieces that have multiple applications. The PH Axe Table can be used as a dining table, a table for display, in meeting rooms or as a work table. The larger PH Board Table extends this idea further, as at over two metres in length, it can accommodate a larger number of people seated or work projects that require more space than a desk.

The PH Axe Table is available with a table top finished in Natural Oak, Black Oak or White laminate, with legs available in Natural Oak, Black Oak, Walnut and White Ash. The PH Board Table is available with a table top finished in Walnut with Walnut legs, or White laminate, with legs in Natural Oak.  Additionally, the PH Axe Table and PH Board Tables can be fitted with integrated PH 3 1/2 – 2 1/2 Table Lamps in four colours: Yellow, Red, Green and White.


Snake Collection

Wildly Different: designed in 1932, the Snake Chair and Snake Stool are perfect examples of Poul Henningsen’s ability to create functional furniture that also features sleek, fluid lines, unbroken by harsh angles. Constructed of one piece of chromed steel tubing and finished in wood or upholstered in the finest nappa leather, the Snake designs are masterpieces of both practicality and rarefied beauty.

The Snake Chair and Snake Stool are available in Yellow, Red, Green, Black and White wood or upholstered in Black, Indian Red, Mocca and Walnut leather.


Dining Table Collection

Something for Everyone: within Poul Henningsen’s Dining Table collection there is a table for every occasion and every home. The PH Dining Table and PH Circle Tables were designed by Poul Henningsen with utmost care that the table legs are as unobtrusive as possible to allow plentiful space for guests, while also giving the appearance of a table that appears almost to be floating on air.

The PH Dining Table and PH Circle Tables are both available in three sizes and with the option of a folding extension leaf which can extend the size of the table further. Both the PH Dining Table and PH Circle Table are available with table tops finished in Natural Oak, Black Oak, White laminate and Walnut finishes. The PH Dining Table legs are finished in chromed steel while the Circle Table legs can be supplied in Natural Oak, Black Oak, Walnut or White Ash.


Office Desk

Unrivalled Masterpiece: Poul Henningsen’s iconic Bauhaus inspired desk design is a piece of furniture that will be valued today and appreciated for generations ahead. The PH Desk is refined in appearance while infinitely functional: the six swing drawers act as the most generous bureau for storage, leaving the desktop clean for the realisation of ideas.

The PH Desk is individual to every owner. The desk body can be supplied in three wooden finishes of Natural Oak, Mahogany, Black or Red high-gloss, while the drawers can be covered in Natural Oak, Mahogany, Black or Green nappa leather. The interior of the drawers of the PH desk can be Green, Red or Black.


Dressing Table

Beautifully Different: the PH Dressing Table is unique, a design as simple and refined as it is versatile and accommodating. An investment piece, the PH Dressing Table is not just an item of furniture, but a companion to living that is about the enhancement of every day.

Available in Natural Oak, Black Oak and Mahogany, there is an interpretation of PH’s Dressing Table design to suit every taste.


Chairs Collection

Modern Classics: It could be said that Poul Henningsen was a master of chair design and in his lifetime, PH arrived at four creations that are simply timeless. The PH Chair was designed in 1932 yet it’s appearance is as contemporary today as it has ever been: a luxurious re-working of the Classic ‘bistro’ chair, PH’s design is made of chromed steel and leather. The PH Pope Chair has many purposes: about comfort, stability and statement. Henningsen’s PH Lounge Chair redefines the concept of comfort: it is a place for relaxation to take precedence and to let creative thoughts run free.

All PH Chairs are constructed of chromed steel and are available upholstered in leather in the colours of Mocca, Black, Walnut and Indian Red.



Visionary Illumination: Poul Henningsen’s 1940s mirror design is truly enlightened. The PH Mirror is infinitely versatile and can be used in many rooms inside the home.  The PH Mirror can be supplied in two sizes and four colours – Green, Red, Yellow or White.

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Wooden Furniture

Extraordinary Design:  Poul Henningsen’s collection of Wooden Storage is dedicated to keeping the ‘everyday’ out of sight so all that remains visible in your interior scheme are visual reminders of things you want to remember. Designed to be seen from every angle, The PH Grand Chest of Drawers is intended to be placed away from a wall if desired, while it’s smaller counterpart, the PH Small Drawer Chest is a quietly confident keeper of smaller things. The PH Cabinet is a versatile piece that is a master of disguise, capable of unobtrusively storing items out of plain sight while displaying objects in the most eye-catching manner when required. The PH Stool is the perfect complement to the PH Dressing Table and has many other possible applications inside the home.

The PH Grand Chest of Drawers, PH Small Drawer Chest, PH Cabinet and PH Stool are all available in Natural Oak, Black Oak and Mahogany finishes. Additionally, the Small Chest of Drawers and the PH Stool is available with panels covered in red or green nappa leather, with the seat of the Stool in the matching leather.



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